We take pride in all of our poodles. We are Utah state licensed and our license # is  750.   Our dogs are bred for health and personality, so we choose to have our dogs Genetically tested by Paw Print Genetics. The dogs are checked for any inherited diseases prior to breeding because we know that screening our dogs prior to breeding increases the value of our breeding program. All dogs are also seen by a licensed Ophthalmologist for a inherited eye disease which they have been cleared of having before being bred. We are currently providing Neuro-pathway stimulation to all of our puppies. Here is the link to read about how this is done in order to provide stimulation that reduces stress to the puppies and produces a well rounded puppy that has less reaction to stress or events that may cause a dog to be timid or shy. Please copy and paste the link into the UHL bar, it does not allow access from other web sites.

Click on the link below to see our dogs results of Genetic and Eye examination tests!

JUICY COUTURE Orthopedic Foundation for Animals/PO-EYE4866/22F-VPI


ARMANI  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals/ PO-EYE4867/23M-VPI