Depending on where your puppy is going to be living will depend on the transit method of your new fur baby! There are many options for getting your puppy. I will drive 2 hrs. in any direction from my home for free to meet you for delivery. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ALLOWING ANYONE TO VISIT OUR PUPPIES AT OUR HOME DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS AND OTHER SECURITY REASONS.   If you are in other states other than Utah you can plan a trip to fly into SLC airport. I will meet you at the airport to deliver your new best friend. You can drive out to receive your puppy or there are ground pet transport companies that can pick up and deliver your puppy to you.   We do not allow any cargo shipping of our puppies. This is too dangerous for our small babies. Unfortunately all airlines have prohibited the use of flight nannies who used to work for the airlines and had free travel around the nation, they did not approve of free travel for their employee’s to make money on the side delivering puppies, so this option is no longer available.  All travel cost are the buyers responsibility and Pampered Poodles agree to make sure travel is safe for the puppy.


Your new baby comes with a new puppy packet providing info. on first time care of puppies and helpful training tips for your smart little pup. A licensed veterinarian health letter showing that the puppy has visited a vet and has been deemed healthy and ready for sale, a immunization record so you can continue immunizations in a timely fashion to keep your puppy healthy and happy! You also will receive a baby blanket, a toy and a bag of dog food and a wet can of dog food for your new best friend. A harness/collar and leash will also be provided for your puppies to keep them safe on the way home. After your puppy is neutered and upon receiving that information we will send you partial AKC registration papers so you can re-name and register your puppy with AKC if you so desire.


Puppies will be able to go home after they are 8 weeks old. This is a strict policy as state law prohibits puppies from being removed from their mothers before 8 weeks. This allows the puppies to become fully weaned and able to sustain food and water, along with their first shots and de-worming process, these puppies are very busy the first 8 weeks of life so please do not ask to get a puppy earlier than the date provided, we will not be able to approve that request.


My poodles are not bred for conformation perfection. Some breeders work so hard to accomplish the perfect bodies and forms for show puppies but our poodles are bred for health and personality. Poodles are highly intelligent and make it very easy to become mans best friend. It has been said that poodles are the second smartest dog on the planet being passed up only by the wonderful German Shepherd, we all know they deserve that title.  I wouldn’t try to show my poodles in the conformation ring, however there are agility shows and contests along with obedience shows that can be fun and rewarding for you and your dog. Poodles love to learn new things so an obedience class can be fun and rewarding for you and your poodle. Part of your AKC registration is having the perks of being able to learn all about your puppy, meet others in your area who share the love of the poodle breed and participate in lots of fun activities with your dog in areas near you! Having a poodle isn’t just fun and exciting it can change your entire life by opening up a sense of belonging and friendship in your community!!!

I don’t blame my owners for buying a toy poodle……they don’t shed, or eat the furniture!!!